Software Solutions Vision

Every thing around us needs software to do something, companies, factories even the markets to make their work easier, organized, better statistics and more important saving time and employees

Company departments:
1- Engineering Services.
2- Research and Development (R&D).
3- Web Solutions.
4- Hardware Solutions.
5- Software Solutions.
6- Game Programming.
7- Engineering Training.

Company Visions: 
Every department in the company has its own vision.
1- Engineering Services.
Supporting and supervising any idea, project and competitions that any one       
(graduated or under graduated) has, by the possible ways  (technical,     
financial or development).
2- Research and Development (R&D).
Developing and improving new products in the engineering and non-
engineering fields, helping to avoid the foreign products and improve the    
national products, with better qualities and lower prices.
3- Web Solutions.
A different look for the websites design and development in the era of the
internet invasion, websites are more important than companies head offices
this days, you can get  the people on their own house, work even on their
own mobiles, with a attractive design, strong development and excellent 
hosting your goal will breakthrough. 
4- Hardware Solutions.
In order to improve the national production, we offer the hardware solution
for the companies, factories and industrial environments, solving the biggest 
problems with the best and cost effective solutions.
5- Software Solutions.
Every thing around us needs software to do something, companies, 
factories even the markets to make their work easier, organized, better 
statistics and more important saving time and employees.   
6- Game Programming.
Most of the young and youth spend most of their days playing games,
but has any one asked him self, what is the effect of this game? who 
created it?, what is the message that he want to delver to me through this 
game ?,why am I playing it? ….
In order to break the foreign monopoly on the games, that directly affects
the young and youth, we must has our own games that records our history
by the way we see it, not by the way the see it, and send messages through 
it to all the world. 
 7- Engineering Training.
The newest department in the company, actually we had to create it, when 
the company needed some new employees, the interviews were very poor
the good students has no practical experiences, and we have discovered the 
big gap between the university and the working fields, every new employee  
we had to train him before getting to work and he may be accepted after 
the training or not, so we decided to establish this department to train  
engineering practically in a courses forms, and get the good students for the company.

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80 Hesham Labib Street , Nasr City, Cairo.
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Tel : 02-26703375

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